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This is not a place but it is still an institution

Cacciucco, the "C5"

Yes, Livorno even has some “not to be missed" culinary traditions... I know Italians who will do the long haul out to the coast just to eat a plate of authentic cacciucco (the C5 stands for the 5 letter Cs in the word cacciucco - the only Italian word to have 5 letter c's). This fish stew is available with and without fish bones...you choose. The ingredients consist of a mix of fish, traditionally the leftovers or the less enticing selection, cooked down in a red sauce served over toasted bread (generously brushed with garlic).

This is a treat not to be missed out on - and, while you're at it, follow it up with a ponce di rumme… that will get your blood pumping. Download The Brochure

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