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Our Pool


Surrounded by greenery and sun lounging area, pool area is ideal to enjoy relaxing moments. You can use our drop shaped pool to swim or simply to relax and enjoy the freshness water. You can also find a child dedicated area and a third hydromassage area for wellness lovers. 

The pool was recently renovated and built in compliance with local safety regulations.

For security reasons the area is completely surrounded by a fence and accesses are controlled. Only our guests can use the pool, external visitors are not allowed in the area.

Pool Seasonal opening: from 1st June until 30th September

June – September from 10am to 7pm

July - August from 10am to 8pm

This is why we make all our guests use swimming caps when swimming in our pool:

The use of a swimming cap when in the swimming pool is not always a shared practice and even less practiced and this request/invitation is often considered of little use if not superfluous and sometimes even vexatious. The cap, on the other hand, represents a means of protection also useful for preventing aspects of hygiene and water quality as well as non-secondary safety issues. Two concrete elements are represented by the fact that hair acts as a catalyst for parasites and, when they die by detaching themselves from the scalp and dispersing in water, they tend to lower the quantity of active chlorine by increasing the quantity of passive chlorine (with consequent increase in water turbidity) and dandruff which may depend on a microorganism present on everyone's scalp that produces sebum (viscous product composed of a mixture of lipids) which protects it by hydrating it and acting as an antibacterial, fat and a sensitive scalp . Over time, the hair present in the pool tends to accumulate on the bottom of the pool, gradually clogging the water ducts and filters.

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