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Complete sanitization

Suite Livorno, with its Holiday Homes and Apartments in Livorno, is preparing for the reopening and we are pleased to inform all our Guests, loyal and future, that we have started, from the beginning of April, to a sanitizing action of all the rooms of the structure.

All our apartments will be sanitized starting with the first total treatment of the whole environment and various furnishings, by means of a spray of chloride-based bactericidal disinfectants.the product used.

Furthermore, at every departure, sanitization will be carried out with SCHOCK ozone treatment with special machinery. Ozone has the property of acting in the air or water, thoroughly sterilizing and sanitizing without the aid of chemicals, without leaving residues and acting in an absolutely ecological way.

Ozone has a powerful destructive action on bacteria, insects, viruses, molds and also on toxic substances. For more information on the application of ozone treatment, see the information document at the end of the page.

Air Conditioning Treatmant:
Each apartment has its own air conditioner managed directly by the Guest. They do not provide a channeling between other apartments, but they are all single and with sanitization of the filters at each departure of the Guest.

Suite Livorno in all its structures will guarantee a special welcome kit “#Andràtuttobene”consisting of 2 mask and 2 hand sanitizing gel, to everyone.

Our strength has always been prevention and therefore, we are ready to provide you with our best service, guaranteeing, right now, maximum safety for a safe, peaceful and serene stay.

We take care of our guests, today and forever.

Thanks to everyone and see you soon.

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