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Livorno's Synagogue

Livorno, home of the Marilia Suite, is one of the 21 Italian Jewish communities gathered in the UCEI, in fact only 10 minutes by car from us you will find one of the only four great synagogues of the twentieth century in Italy and the only one to be built in the following period to the second world war.

The development of a Jewish settlement in Livorno is closely linked to the establishment of the free port. To regulate the conditions were laws called "Livornine", issued from 1593 and renewed every 25 years, with which the Grand Duke of Tuscany had invited to Livorno merchants of any nation - and in particular the Jews exiles from the Iberian peninsula - offering them rights and protection. A ghetto was never established; indeed, the group could soon become numerous and influential in the city's society (1250 people in the middle of the '600), to the point that the Portuguese was the language of official acts for almost two centuries.

The beautiful historic synagogue bears witness to the prestige of the community. Erected at the beginning of the seventeenth century, enriched and enlarged several times and finally demolished due to war damages, it is remembered as one of the most impressive in Europe and a regular destination for visiting authorities in Livorno.

Erected in 1962, it stands in place of the grandiose seventeenth-century temple, demolished following an allied bombing in World War II. Rich in symbolic meanings is the project conceived by the architect Angelo di Castro. The shape of the building, with a reinforced concrete structure, is inspired by the Tent of the Meeting described in the Exodus. The compositional design is strictly unitary between interior and exterior and symbolically alludes to the monotheism of the Jewish people.

Inside, the room is organized in a central plan, with seats for the public arranged like an amphitheater. In the center, the tevah was made by reusing marble elements that belonged to the furnishings of the old temple. The aron in carved and gilded wood (1708) comes from Pesaro, here transferred in 1970.

In the basement rooms there is the Lampronti Oratory, a small synagogue in use during the winter, set up with furnishings from the Scola Spagnola of Ferrara, to which they were donated in the early eighteenth century by Rabbi Isaac Lampronti.

The visit of the Synagogue of Livorno is possible only by reservation on the site:  Sinagoga di Livorno

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