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Livorno by Boat

A unique experience to accomplish, visit the city through its canals with an expert guide.

Suites Marilia recommends the Boat Tour, an opportunity to get to know the city from within its canals, full of culture and history as well as beauty.

Welcome aboard the Marco Polo boat that will take you on an unusual journey full of emotions along the Medici canals. During the tour you will learn about the culture of this particular city, colorful, lively and rich in traditions linked to the sea.

The tour of the ditches by boat is an opportunity to learn about Livorno from an unusual and suggestive perspective. Navigating the waterways will allow you to discover an original and characteristic city, with its fortresses, palaces, churches, bridges and cellars that open up to the water, testimony to an ancient commercial and port tradition .

The stages

1. Piazza della Repubblica

Impressive and exciting, the passage under the Piazza, an original example of Piazza-Ponte, is over 200 meters wide. Built in 1838 and also called the Voltone, or Piazza dei Granduchi for the two statues of Leopoldo II and Ferdinando III of the Lorraine, placed at the ends.

2. Covered Market

A striking nineteenth-century building, the Central Market collects the Leghorn gastronomic tradition and foreign cultures that have inhabited this city since its origins.

3. Church of the Dutch

The church of 1864, which belonged to the Dutch-Alemannic foreign community, is clad in local sandstone and dominates the Fosso Reale with its neo-Gothic facade.

4. 800 buildings

Palazzo Maurogordato is a typical example of a noble palace of the rich nineteenth-century bourgeoisie. With the same architectural features follow the Black Eagle Palace, the first luxury hotel in the city and then the Palazzo Squilloni.

5. Winery of the Palio Marinaro

Entering this winery is a unique experience, it is a real sanctuary of the sea. Large structure supported by pillars with cross vaults and a large slide to lower the boats into the sea. Here are collected testimonies of the Livorno rowing traditions and old mementos: flags of the city districts, buoys, anchors, carabiners, etc.

6. Porto Mediceo

The port developed during the sixteenth century. on the natural inlet where the first village of Livorno was born. It is a work in continuous evolution and development that contains precious ancient testimonies such as the Lighthouse, the ancient docks, the Medici Wharf, the Fort of the Punta del Molo, and other emergencies of historical value.

7. Statue of the Four Moors

The statue, by Giovanni Bandini, is dedicated to Ferdinando I Medici, Grand Master of the Military Order of St. Stephen, symbolizing the victory against piracy in the seas of Tuscany, represented by the bronze statues of the four chained prisoners, this work by Pietro Notch.

8. Old fortress

Among the most important historical monuments, it is an elegant fortress, the result of various architectural overlaps over the centuries: the Cylindrical Tower, known as the Mastio di Matilde, dates back to the end of the 13th century, the Quadrata Tower (end of the 12th century) of which the base and the Quadratura dei Pisani (XIV century). The Renaissance Fortress was built from 1521 on a design by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder.

9. Venice district

Located in the historic heart of Livorno, it is the most picturesque area of ​​the city. Venice was conceived in the seventeenth century as an island crossed by bridges and canals that still today make it similar to the Venetian city. In the eighteenth century it was the residence of the most wealthy foreign merchants. It is a very lively area due to the presence of characteristic restaurants.

10. New Fortress

Imposing defensive structure dating back to 1591, it was partly demolished at the end of the seventeenth century to make room for the development of the Venice district, which became the commercial center of the city starting from the 600s.

For more information, departure times and prices visit the website: Livorno in Battello

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