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Central Market's Tour

One of the main attractions of Livorno is certainly the Central Market.

The Suites Marilia offers you a guided tour of one of the most interesting buildings in Livorno from the second half of the 19th century.

The main façade, 95 meters wide, is characterized by two rows of round windows that guarantee maximum light to the building, while the entrance is underlined by four columns that support a marked trabeation. The smaller elevations and the rear one, on the other hand, present a simplification of the decorative apparatus, while re-proposing the theme of the large window openings.

The interior consists mainly of a large lounge and a few smaller pavilions on the back. The main hall, embellished by some caryatids made by Lorenzo Gori, is covered by a light skylight, executed by the Gambaro firm and restored after the war following the damage suffered during the bombing of 1943: numerous floral trusses with floral design mark the roof located about 35 meters above the ground. The two large annexed rooms were used for fish, where there were 22 banks of marble and 10 shops, and the other for the sale of vegetables, eggs and poultry with 12 shops. The whole building is surrounded above the shops by rooms 6 meters high and is ventilated by large windows with shutters. The structure now has 200 benches and large underground warehouses, with 92 cellars, communicating directly with the opposite Fosso Reale and connected to the street level by convenient ramps.

Visit the Vettovaglie market with Derek, who moved to Italy years ago and visited this structure every day to fully immerse himmself in Italian culture, this made him become an expert of the place.

Take a tour of the Central Market, looking for the freshest ingredients from Tuscany from cheeses like Pecorino and Burrata, cold cuts including Mortadella and Prosciutto, fish such as Anchovy and Cod, fresh seasonal vegetables, freshly baked bread and all the desserts and pastries you want. And of course you will taste some samples and you will have some wine along the way.

Tour available only on Saturdays and only in English.

For more information visit his Airbnb profile:Derek

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